A “Perfect” Ad

When you think of your favourite advertisement, what comes to mind? No matter how many thousands of ads we’re bombarded with in our lives, there’s always a special few we remember, enjoy or even come to cherish.

For me, the ad I cherish is The Town of Perfect USA, a series of television ads put out in the 1990s by American drug store Walgreens. Each ad opens on The Town of Perfect, an idyllic world where nothing ever goes wrong (carpets never stain and no one ever has to run out for last minute gifts on Christmas). And because there is no town such as Perfect, luckily there’s Walgreens for all your needs.

The ads are decadent and imaginative. The imagery and ethereal musical score as well as the concepts appeal mainly to children while for adults the idea of having a carpet that never stains is pleasing. No matter what age, the ads evoke a sense of wonder and captures your attention in a soft, story-telling, comforting way that is hard to find in today’s advertising. This is a great marketing strategy for Walgreens, selling comfort.  

Walgreens hasn’t revisited these ads in many years, but they are still a personal favourite of mine and an example of exceptional advertising. If I do pursue a career focused towards advertising, I want to create beautiful, original ads such as this which I hope one day will be remembered as someone’s favourite advertisement.