Blogs in Big Business (It’s a Jeep thing)

Big corporations are using blogs as their “voice” to give a humanized aspect to their company.

Chrysler has a blog which is generally focused on the Jeep community. There is a culture associated with Jeep drivers and this blog taps into that mentality. It is updated on a weekly basis and features articles and posts based around the latest innovations of the company and or more simplistic pieces about the adventurous lifestyle of Jeep owners. 

Chrysler has recruited what are known as the “Jeep girls” who travel the country in their Wrangler and share all the details on their journeys with their loyal blog followers. The blog also showcases video posts on the latest from Jeep, it’s features and any other related news. The site offers a calendar to keep track of all Jeep’s upcoming events and links to Chrysler’s other social media platforms (e.g. Instagram).

The Jeep blog is an effective marketing and advertising tool. It not only promotes the benefits and exciting lifestyle for potential Jeep purchasers but provides a community among current Jeep owners which greatly pushes forward the brand.


Get Your Skis Shined Up

They’re called ear worms. They can also be referred to as song stuck syndrome. This is a phenomenon where a catchy tune loops continuously in a person’s brain long after it has stopped playing. I suffer from this one daily basis, as I’m sure most people do.

In severe forms of song stuck syndrome, one might only have mentioned a song or read a lyric and suddenly that pesky little track nestles it’s way into their head. Below is a commercial I vehemently despise. I noticed the other day as I walked past a big Juicy Fruit billboard that even glancing at it for a moment somehow triggered this jingle to hellishly loop in my mind for hours.

I realized what a clever tactic this is for advertisers. In it’s annoyance lies it’s brilliance. It’s certainly not a new concept as jingles have been around since the dawn of radio and television advertising. Studies have shown people are prone to remember information in a commercial better if it’s delivered musically. Jingles can be both exciting and inciting to consumers.

Below is a great example of effective jingle writing. This is a pretty low-budget spot that airs on daytime tv every time I go to switch on Maury. It’s a catchy tune, and to me it has the sound of an old song I used to know but I can’t quite put my finger on it. It’s cheesy, but it’s a nice switch-up from the long winded college advertisements that usually scroll through this time slot.