company alludes: being on Coke is cool

Are you on Coke?


Coca Cola has been getting a bit of a buzz off it’s latest advertising campaign. The “you’re on” slogan is supposed send a positive, proactive message but you would have to be living under a rock not to think of drug use when hearing it. A bus stop ad in New York City proudly reads, “you’re moved to New York with the clothes on your back, the cash in your pocket and your eyes on the prize. You’re on (giant Coke logo).”


Coca Cola states “you’re on” means “you’re resilient, you’re determined, you’re strong”. Witty Twitter users have already started mocking the tone of the ads with postings such as “you’ve been riding the C back and forth for 7 hours straight. You’re on Coke.”

This ad which accompanies the campaign gives off a much different feel then the subway ads. This ad is predictable, with a seen-it-before-feel right down to the music and as much as I enjoy anything with Taylor Swift, I don’t think the two components really match. For the shock-value of the tagline, couldn’t Coke amp things up for the accompanying commercial? Take a page out of Redbull’s ad-book and show us what being on Coke really means. (Ah, scratch that last bit)

The agency that put together the campaign are notorious for risqué approaches to the ad world. The agency, Droga5, created a fake porn site in 2006 to promote IKEA beds.

Despite Coke insisting they had no means making this campaign a drug-reference, there is no mistaking that that is exactly the marketing tactic they have employed here. I hope America is ready for this new, bad-ass Coca Cola. First, they sung the national anthem in many different, (yes, DIFFERENT) languages, and now they’re offending Coke “users” once again with recreational drug references. I’d hate to see what those rapscallions are about to do next.


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