Blackberry Passport suggests it’s hip to be square



In all honesty, I wasn’t even aware Blackberry was still alive until the Blackberry Passport was sprang upon me last week. I was under the impression that there was a small cluster of cell users hanging on to their outdated Curves and Bolds until the trackpads busted and the last BBM contact switched to iMessage.

Blackberry boasts the Passport is a productivity machine with a 4.5 inch screen, akin to the size of an actual US passport. The Passport forgoes the standard long, rectangular screen we have become accustom to with most smartphones and presents us with a somewhat awkward square that makes one handed use tricky.

A reviewer on the UK’s CNET claims “I would definitely use the Blackberry Passport if I was expecting a call from 1998.” The Passport was not a knock out in focus groups either. I have a hard time imagining any of the 14-year-old cell phone consumers I know nagging their parents for one for Christmas. It doesn’t even offer Instagram! Perhaps the Passport is stuck in the past.


Despite Blackberry’s attempt to market the Passport as a solution for “power professionals” looking for a business phone that meets their needs, most smartphones nowadays have impeccable capabilities for both business and entertainment. The Passport just doesn’t fit in to the social circle of Android and iPhone.