Vloggers – They’re Bigger Than Harry Potter

You may have heard of her. zoella-gifUK native Zoella Sugg recently published a book called “Girl on the Internet” which has sold more copies in it’s first week than fellow British author J.K. Rowling (you may have heard of her as well, she wrote series a few years back about wizards or something). Zoella, a 24 year old vlogger, has won the internet (take that Kim Kardashian!) with over 6.6 million subscribers on her Youtube channel. The basis of her vlog topics are typically beauty tips and shopping hauls. Zoella’s interweb fame has companies dishing out over $4,000 to her just for dropping their name or endorsing their product in one of her segments. Popular vloggers are now seen as one of the best ways to target young audiences, especially for the beauty industry.

She isn’t the first megastar of vlogging. Comedian Jenna Marbles (Jenna Mourey) became famous from her hysterically relatable how-to videos, such as “How to Trick People into Thinking You’re Good Looking” which gained over 5.3 million views in only it’s first week. jenna-marblesMakeup tutorialist Michelle Phan has reached 7 million subscribers which has gained her a cosmetic line with L’Oreal, EM by Michelle Phan.

I find Youtubing is a remarkable way for someone with great ideas to get themselves noticed. I also find the concept of watching someone on Youtube an interesting look into the consumer psyche, playing on the same reason why we become obsessed with reality TV. In my research of popular Youtube channels, I found many informative clips about everything from hair straightening to reviews on breakfast cereal. I also found astounding numbers of views for “Get Ready With Me” videos that featured girls narrating their daily routine from washing their face to picking out which mug they would have their morning tea in. 132,000 people sat through 8 minutes of the day in the life of someone they didn’t know doing mundane things we all do every morning. Welcome to Youtube.

Back to Zoella. I had never actually watched an upload of hers until I heard of her groundbreaking book release, so I decided to see what all the fuss was about. I started with a video called “My First Time”, which isn’t what you would think. The perky Brit answers questions through an HD lens about firsts such as her first word. Which she can’t remember. So she calls her mom. Her mom doesn’t answer. She leaves a voicemail. She calls her dad. He can’t remember. It goes on from there. The view count? 4, 433, 464.

The life of a young vlogger doesn’t come without it’s hardships though. Firstly, it is hard work to establish a vlog viewers want to see. In the case of Jenna Marbles, she struck it lucky with a video so funny it was a viral hit. And she followed through with more comedic content to keep viewers hooked. Vloggers must be consistent, dedicated to making fresh videos and responding to the community (yes, Youtube is a strong online community). It helps if they display a likeable personality which will help viewers get to know them on a level one would get to know a friend. Vloggers must face the criticism of trolling commentors making harsh remarks or stirring up religion based baloney just to get a reaction. apple-girl-laptop-mac-netbook-Favim.com-362559

And so I add vlogs to the list of ways advertising is rapidly changing. With the staggering rates in which some successful vlogstars get paid by companies ($300,000 a year in some cases), perhaps I’ll turn Sell Me About It into a video log. You can watch me discuss marketing trends as I simultaneously apply mascara. After that I’ll fold some laundry, I’m sure I can gain a few hundred thousand views for that.


Victoria Secret Models Exemplary Marketing Strategy

My Instagram was Instaspammed these past few days leading up to the Victoria Secret Fashion Show, a highly anticipated, star studded runway event that started being broadcast on television in 1995. The Victoria Secret Angels (supermodels who grace the VS runway with massive, custom crafted wings) alessandra_ambrosio_kicks_off_the_vs_fashion_show_2008posted behind the scenes snaps of them boarding the private jet on their way to London for the show. VS’s own Instagram account showcased all access pics of the VSpreparation. Artists such as Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande who were recruited to perform at the event took fun selfies with model best friends. It was model mayhem.

What are the key takeaways from Victoria’s Secrets to IMC?

1. Know your audience. If you were to guess that men are the primary target for watching models strut down the glitter soaked runway in lingerie, you would be very incorrect. Two thirds of the viewers are women, and if you take a gander at who’s regramming and commenting on Instagram shots, it’s the ladies. So staging pictures like pop princess Ariana Grande having a fun, fashionable girls night with the Angels appeals to young women who an idolize yet identify. ariana

2. Stick to tradition. The VS fashion show is a holiday tradition, and like any holiday tradition it has it’s consistencies. Such as featuring an outrageously expensive custom bra known as the Fantasy Bra which can cost upwards of 15 million dollars.

3. Social media. Social media is a new playground that didn’t exist upon conception of the fashion show in 1995. But now it offers many different streams in which to distribute your message and gain fans. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, all of these sites gets us closer to the action. We feel as though we know the stars, and that personal touch is a key selling point.

The broadcast of the show will be December 9th at 10 pm on CBS.