Tostitos Tasty Tweets: Analyzing The Success Of Real-Time Twitter Campaigns

Utilizing the power of Twitter, Tostitos Canada is giving users a unique real-time experience with the “Open Up The Fun” Campaign. Simply use the hashtag #OpenUpTheFun along with a hashtagged ingredient (ex. #greenpeppers) and an instant reply will pop up with a related recipe and even a quick video tutorial. Pretty neat, eh?

brand awareness facebook

For Thanksgiving, users were able to find custom recipes instantly using this fun and fast concept. Turkey Chilli Nacho Dip, for example, was a big winner in households across Canada thanks to Tostitos.

“It’s a way to test out different mechanics on how to drive consumers in-store for a call to action.” explains Susan Irving, senior director of PepsiCo Foods Canada. “Twitter is a platform where consumers really like to engage, so we’re getting them to tweet at us and giving them the immediate response they want. And doing it quickly means they can get those ingredients right away, since they might be in the grocery store at the time they tweet it.”

Real-time Twitter campaigns are becoming increasingly more popular as advertising moves towards interaction with the customer rather than talking at the customer. Adidas participated in a real-time campaign using Twitter back in 2013 during the Wimbledon games, which got the ball rolling for other brands. Evian broke barriers in 2014 by using a clever hashtag strategy called #Evianbottleservice. Twitter users simply tweeted their current location (if they were in a select number of locations approved by the company) and used the hashtag. evian twitter online marketing Evian staff members would respond by hurriedly heading towards the location to deliver a free bottle of water to the Twitter users within 5 to 7 minutes of their tweet being sent.

“We are doing something that is a real-time service for the first time ever, but it is a long-term commitment to put real-time social media engagement at the heart of our activation.” explains Olga Osminkina-Jones, Vice President of Marketing at Evian.

Are real-time campaigns the future of online engagement? What will social media advertising look like in the future?


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