IKEA’s Facebook Showroom – An Iconic Example of Word Of Mouse

girl on Facebook social media

In the digital age, Word Of Mouth has been replaced but what is known as Word Of Mouse. Marketers care less about the buzz created by person to person conversation and more about the vastly spreadable, shareable buzz that happens only on social media platforms.

Back in 2009, IKEA utilized Facebook to generate a conversation and eyeballs on their products without a lot of cost or excessive promotion. The results were magic. By making a Facebook profile for their company’s store manager and uploading showroom snapshots, a store opening in Malmo, Sweden was the first to ‘break the internet’. ikea bedroom set Facebook followers were invited to simply tag themselves on various products in the showroom pictures, and the person who tagged themselves first won that product. Soon thousands of people were engaging every day and IKEA’s photos were on countless profiles and in newsfeeds across the world.

Only twelve pictures were ever uploaded, and the profile took minutes to create. The only cost involved were the products given away. IKEA changed the game for what a business can do with a small budget and big dreams. Start with a drive to create Word Of Mouse and let your imagination run wild!

While IKEA was a trailblazer back in 2009, nowadays social media has become even more advanced and provides opportunities for small budgets to have viral success. Advancements to Facebook along with the introduction of Instagram, Snapchat and Vine open up even more possibilities for marketers to increase WOM and engagement.

Share an example of a brilliant social media marketing campaign!


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