How Your Brain “Sees” A Logo

brain functioning advertising marketing

There is a lot of activity that goes on within your brain in a matter of milliseconds. Your neurological processes recognize, assess and add value to a brand instantly.


According to The Daily Positive, seeing a logo stimulates many different areas of the brain. There is no designated region where information is analyzed within the mind so naturally a whole host of components begin to fire when you see the McDonald’s Golden Arches.

mcdonalds brand storytelling

Luxury brands get the medial prefrontal cortex ignited while anterior cingulate cortex gets excited by value brands. Logos signal a thinking process which causes us to assert ourselves and we use these symbols to carve out things about our personalities. For example, seeing the Apple symbol conjures up the idea that you are an “Apple” person who enjoys the culture, creativity and high-end technological advancement that comes with these products. Subsequently, an unknown brand can trigger a negative response in our brain because we can’t associate it with anything differential.

The mind’s insular cortex plays a huge role in developing emotional attachment to something as “simple” as a logo. This is where we develop our sense of whether a brand makes us “better”, improves our self image and makes us stand out amongst our peers. The fusiform gyrus is one of areas that help us recognize colour and shape. The hippocampus is where an emotion is formed regarding the logo we have viewed.

This is why logo design, colour and shape are highly important for creating a positive resonance among consumers. What are your thoughts? Which logo do you find resonates best with you?



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