Is It Bad That I Like This Ad?

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A lot of people are horrified, offended and just downright peeved that this new, controversial ad was ever approved. The heartbreaking spot is by German supermarket chain, Edeka, and tells a wrenching tale that actually hits quite close to home.

The spot follows the story of an old man who desperately wants his children and grandchildren to come visit him for Christmas.

best christmas ads all time

“I just wanted to call and let you know that we can’t make it for Christmas this year… we’ll try again next year. It’ll work out, I promise. Merry Christmas Daddy!” chimes a voicemail from the old man’s daughter.

Time passes but no one comes to see Dear Old Dad, until the family receives news that he has passed on. Dressed in black, children and grandchildren make their way out of their busy lives to come pay their respects.

But to their surprise (a seven that would cause potential heart failure, I’m sure), the old man is not dead. He greets them at his house with Christmas dinner waiting.

family holiday dinner

The message is clear: do not wait forever to see your loved ones.

People are up-in-arms because of the morbidity of the spot. One Twitter claims it was “freaking depressing” and “too dark” to be a Christmas ad. The raw emotion of loneliness expressed within it can be a lot of handle. Sure, it might make you cry, but for good reason.

This ad rings true for me as I was semi-raised by my aging grandmother. I was thankful to spend time with her every holiday (and at dinner every night) but some children are not so fortunate. It is important that say everything you need to say, listen to the stories of to your loved ones, learn how to follow your Grandma’s pudding recipe and share all of those wonderful memories when you have the chance. You never know when it will be too late. Even if it takes a supermarket ad spot to teach you this, take it to heart.

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