Throwback Thursday: Glitz, Flash and Sparkle

Sell Me About It is introducing a new idea to pay homage to some favourite ads of the past. It is inspired by Facebook and Twitter’s infamous Throwback Thursday, where posters proudly present their followers with snapshots of their grade eight graduation (braces and all) or last Halloween’s hilarious hi-jinx.

This week’s Thursday throwback is Dior’s J’adore advert that graced our screens in 2011. This glittering tribute to old Hollywood glamour was directed by Jean-Jacques Annaud and is set at the Versailles’ Hall of Mirrors. Accompanying Charlize Theron in the bustle of backstage preparation are the likes of Marilyn Monroe and Grace Kelly who have been digitally added. Charlize commands the catwalk to the vocally electrifying Heavy Cross by Gossip.

The campaign was a celebration of a new version of the Dior scent, released that year. The beauty of the remastered imagining, the music selection and all the glitz, flash and sparkle  earns it a place in my collection of favourite ads from the past.