Coke of a Kind – Why Mass Customization is a Way to Sell Anything

The Share a Coke campaign designed by soft drink corporation Coca Cola has spread it’s way around the world since it’s launch in Australia in 2011. The concept is simple – each Coke beverage has a unique name printed on them, leading buyers to maul through store fridges and friends’ beverage coolers to find their name. 3a3b67dFinding your name on a Coke has shown to be an Instagram-worthy experience as I’ve noticed on my newsfeed since the Canadian campaign launch this past summer.

Now Diet Coke Israel is jumping on the bandwagon with their new campaign. Coca Cola Israel crafted the idea of manufacturing 200 million colourful, uniquely composed bottle labels ensuring no Diet Coke will be alike. diet-coke-algorithm-3The campaign is promoted by rich rainbow out-of-home ads. Diet Coke has been experiencing a slump in sales recently. Their last campaign failed to save the day, as it was criticized for being a subliminal drug reference. More on the “You’re On” campaign:   (

Mass-customization is popular in our society, especially among millennials who want to express their individualism but still be among the swarm who participate in corporate culture. Think of how pleased many of us are when the barista spells our names correctly on our favourite cup of Starbucks coffee, making it our own.

Jones Soda did it first. jonesMany years ago Jones Soda manufactured their bottle labels with various cool photographs that customers could submit themselves. The soft drink company began releasing limited editions such as their Halloween pack which featured new, limited edition flavours as well as bottles. The Jones Soda website also offers customers the chance to upload a photo to be printed on specialty bottles that they can have shipped to them.

The parallel of consumer culture’s need to proudly advertise our own selfhood with our equal need to cohere to what everyone else is doing reveals how the mass customization of products really is a genius marketing tool. Coke explains in the video above that the essence of their brand is that there’s something extraordinary in every person. It’s a broad yet personal statement. It is exactly the way that mass customization is broadly personal, an ever contradictory concept that today’s consumer is wanting more and more of.