Pinterest Integrates “Visual Search” To Attract Users and Improve Performance

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Social media site, Pinterest, is the home of DIYs, engaging infographics and helpful life hacks. Whether you’re getting decor ideas, baby name suggestions or tips for turning red crayons into a flawless lip stain, this site has got you pinned (get it?). Now they are getting an upper hand when it comes to usability.

As of November 9th, Pinterest will allow users to search with pictures rather than words. karlie kloss fashion model For example, say you are looking at Victoria’s Secret model Karlie Kloss’s Instagram feed. You love her designer boots, but she doesn’t include a link to where to buy them. Simply take that image and search it on Pinterest. You’ll discover they are Marc Fisher boots and they are available at Nordstrom. You’ll also find cheaper dupes on Ebay, DIY tips to keeping your boots polished with coconut oil and ways to pair those boots with any outfit. (***Coconut oil is not a verified polish for boots, use at your own risk)marc fisher boot nordstrom

It is predicted that keywords have seen better days and that many searches will be moving towards an image-based setup in the coming years. Controversially, this strategy benefits advertisers and focuses on purchases rather than really honing in on the needs of users. It is speculated that this might be a move for Pinterest it gain more revenue from companies as apposed to catering to their existing Pinners. In fact, some Pinners might be unhappy with this new feature or simply avoid it because of its encouragement towards making purchases.

Only time will tell how users will respond to this new integration. If you are a dedicated Pinner, would you respond positively or negatively to this feature?


Peaking Interest in Pinterest

With 2014 quickly approaching we are drawling out our typical resolutions for the upcoming year. Lose weight, quit smoking, eat healthy, work more or perhaps work less. A favourite of mine this holiday season came from a friend who has resolved to cut back on her latest addiction, Pinterest.

New Years ensemble pinned by fashion-focused users
New Years ensemble pinned by fashion-focused users.

Pinterest is a social media platform that has been around since 2008. The main premise is it’s used to collect images of things you like and “pin” them to boards. Boards can be named based on categories, such as “arts and crafts”. Other users can then browse and “repin” your pins and like your images. It’s so simple some people have planned their weddings using Pinterest.

A cupcake idea from Martha Stewart posted to Pinterest.
A cupcake idea from Martha Stewart posted to Pinterest.

It’s all very simplistic and similar to many of my other favourite haunts on the Internet; Tumblr and WeHeartIt. The beauty of these type of image-sharing social media sites is they are unlike Facebook and Twitter. They offer an escape from relationship statuses and “Twitter drama”. I once watched an episode of Oprah that suggested the creation of “vision boards” as a tool to defining what you really want in life. The concept? Step One: Cut out pictures from magazines of things you love. Step Two: Paste them onto board.  Step Three: Realize your life’s ambition. Thus is the idea behind Pinterest, sort of. Perhaps pinning pictures of cats to your Cute n’ Cuddly pinboard won’t cause a revelation, but it is offering the user a retreat into a world of their own happiness for a while.

A gift idea posted by Sephora's official Pinterest account.
A gift idea posted by Sephora’s official Pinterest account.

Companies are catching on to Pinterest as well. In 2012, cosmetic retailer Sephora discovered many users were pinning their favourite Sephora beauty products onto boards. Sephora created a Pinterest account and is utilizing the site to its full potential from a business perspective. Sephora even incorporated Pinterest into their email campaigns by making products shown in their emails pinnable directly to recipients boards.

Fun arts and crafts idea
Fun arts and crafts idea

I like Pinterest. It plays to both my love of images and my slight OCD. My favourite board is my Closet board, where I keep pins of clothing, jewelry and shoes. I like curling up in an oversized sweater with a cup of tea and pinning pictures of Norway and places I’d like to visit one day. The images are beautifully displayed and the layout is so simple. It’s a comfortable place to get lost in.