The Secret To Developing Content FIT For Your Brand!

content development strategy

The secret to developing great content starts with an idea – a vision of what you want the audience to know. From there, you outline the strategy of your idea and the tactics that you will use to implement. Next, your content is developed, planned out and created. When everything ties together, you get a seamless content marketing campaign.

I recently completed an example campaign for an online fitness company, BodyRock. This company has a follower base of nearly 2 million and counting and is changing the direction of its content.

Three types of content were created to help launch this new direction; 1) an informative blog, 2) a video that illustrates the blog and 3) a quick how-to recipe video. These three pieces work together to tell a positive brand story and increase engagement among followers.

The content is designed to be:

  • Engaging
  • Informative
  • Motivational
  • Relatable
  • Upbeat

Below are the pieces of content created for this campaign!

10 Hacks For Getting Healthy That Every Lazy Girl Needs To Know!



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How To Rank On Google!

how to rank on google first page 2015

Want to increase traffic to your business’s website? Why not employ a dual domain name strategy? Learn what that is and how it can boost SEO while bring potential customers right to you! This tactic will have you developing two domain names – one for your brand and one for SEO. Rank higher in SERPs and get yourself out there without spending a fortune!

Is It Bad That I Like This Ad?

emotional advertisements award winning

A lot of people are horrified, offended and just downright peeved that this new, controversial ad was ever approved. The heartbreaking spot is by German supermarket chain, Edeka, and tells a wrenching tale that actually hits quite close to home.

The spot follows the story of an old man who desperately wants his children and grandchildren to come visit him for Christmas.

best christmas ads all time

“I just wanted to call and let you know that we can’t make it for Christmas this year… we’ll try again next year. It’ll work out, I promise. Merry Christmas Daddy!” chimes a voicemail from the old man’s daughter.

Time passes but no one comes to see Dear Old Dad, until the family receives news that he has passed on. Dressed in black, children and grandchildren make their way out of their busy lives to come pay their respects.

But to their surprise (a seven that would cause potential heart failure, I’m sure), the old man is not dead. He greets them at his house with Christmas dinner waiting.

family holiday dinner

The message is clear: do not wait forever to see your loved ones.

People are up-in-arms because of the morbidity of the spot. One Twitter claims it was “freaking depressing” and “too dark” to be a Christmas ad. The raw emotion of loneliness expressed within it can be a lot of handle. Sure, it might make you cry, but for good reason.

This ad rings true for me as I was semi-raised by my aging grandmother. I was thankful to spend time with her every holiday (and at dinner every night) but some children are not so fortunate. It is important that say everything you need to say, listen to the stories of to your loved ones, learn how to follow your Grandma’s pudding recipe and share all of those wonderful memories when you have the chance. You never know when it will be too late. Even if it takes a supermarket ad spot to teach you this, take it to heart.

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How Your Brain “Sees” A Logo

brain functioning advertising marketing

There is a lot of activity that goes on within your brain in a matter of milliseconds. Your neurological processes recognize, assess and add value to a brand instantly.


According to The Daily Positive, seeing a logo stimulates many different areas of the brain. There is no designated region where information is analyzed within the mind so naturally a whole host of components begin to fire when you see the McDonald’s Golden Arches.

mcdonalds brand storytelling

Luxury brands get the medial prefrontal cortex ignited while anterior cingulate cortex gets excited by value brands. Logos signal a thinking process which causes us to assert ourselves and we use these symbols to carve out things about our personalities. For example, seeing the Apple symbol conjures up the idea that you are an “Apple” person who enjoys the culture, creativity and high-end technological advancement that comes with these products. Subsequently, an unknown brand can trigger a negative response in our brain because we can’t associate it with anything differential.

The mind’s insular cortex plays a huge role in developing emotional attachment to something as “simple” as a logo. This is where we develop our sense of whether a brand makes us “better”, improves our self image and makes us stand out amongst our peers. The fusiform gyrus is one of areas that help us recognize colour and shape. The hippocampus is where an emotion is formed regarding the logo we have viewed.

This is why logo design, colour and shape are highly important for creating a positive resonance among consumers. What are your thoughts? Which logo do you find resonates best with you?


Behind The Wings: How Victoria’s Secret Creates Buildable, Compelling SMM Content

victoria's secret fashion show

The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is the biggest, most glamorous night in lingerie. Gorgeous models walk the catwalk for a record 500 million viewers a year, strutting in their dazzling bras and undies and sporting heavyweight wings. This show rakes in millions in revenue, and VS are experts in creating big buzz around one of the most successful nights in television.

2015 lingerie show cbs

This year, the lingerie giant is at it again and has managed to increase their viewership even more by employing clever social media marketing tactics. It all started with Gigi Hadid, a California It-Girl who has been capturing our eyes for close to year. She appeared in Taylor Swift’s Bad Blood video and has joined the brat pack with Kendall and Kylie Jenner. In October, Gigi’s casting tape for the VS show was ‘leaked’ on YouTube (by VS) and went completely viral. The 20-year-old model broke down in front of the camera as she received the news that she had a place on stage and a pair of wings waiting for her.

The Angels play their own part at generating interest about the event on Instagram. Candice Swanepoel has been posting sneak peaks from behind the runway with pal Kendall Jenner. Stella Maxwell has sent out little 2-second video clips to spur excitement. The company have experts who carefully select models that they feel women will relate to, and admire without feeling threatened. That is how these models gain so much pull on social media. social media marketing campaign

But the greatest tool that VS has had at their disposal this year is Snapchat. The company has a place is the ‘featured’ section of the video and picture sharing app. The app shows exclusive sneak-peaks and behind the scenes footage that otherwise would not be available to viewers. The feed is up for only 24 hours and then is gone forever, so fans are eager to check it out.

The official air date of the show is December 8th on CBS, but the filming of it takes place November 11. We will find out what other tools Victoria’s Secret will use to surpass 500 million views this year!

Pinterest Integrates “Visual Search” To Attract Users and Improve Performance

pinterest hacks features

Social media site, Pinterest, is the home of DIYs, engaging infographics and helpful life hacks. Whether you’re getting decor ideas, baby name suggestions or tips for turning red crayons into a flawless lip stain, this site has got you pinned (get it?). Now they are getting an upper hand when it comes to usability.

As of November 9th, Pinterest will allow users to search with pictures rather than words. karlie kloss fashion model For example, say you are looking at Victoria’s Secret model Karlie Kloss’s Instagram feed. You love her designer boots, but she doesn’t include a link to where to buy them. Simply take that image and search it on Pinterest. You’ll discover they are Marc Fisher boots and they are available at Nordstrom. You’ll also find cheaper dupes on Ebay, DIY tips to keeping your boots polished with coconut oil and ways to pair those boots with any outfit. (***Coconut oil is not a verified polish for boots, use at your own risk)marc fisher boot nordstrom

It is predicted that keywords have seen better days and that many searches will be moving towards an image-based setup in the coming years. Controversially, this strategy benefits advertisers and focuses on purchases rather than really honing in on the needs of users. It is speculated that this might be a move for Pinterest it gain more revenue from companies as apposed to catering to their existing Pinners. In fact, some Pinners might be unhappy with this new feature or simply avoid it because of its encouragement towards making purchases.

Only time will tell how users will respond to this new integration. If you are a dedicated Pinner, would you respond positively or negatively to this feature?

IKEA’s Facebook Showroom – An Iconic Example of Word Of Mouse

girl on Facebook social media

In the digital age, Word Of Mouth has been replaced but what is known as Word Of Mouse. Marketers care less about the buzz created by person to person conversation and more about the vastly spreadable, shareable buzz that happens only on social media platforms.

Back in 2009, IKEA utilized Facebook to generate a conversation and eyeballs on their products without a lot of cost or excessive promotion. The results were magic. By making a Facebook profile for their company’s store manager and uploading showroom snapshots, a store opening in Malmo, Sweden was the first to ‘break the internet’. ikea bedroom set Facebook followers were invited to simply tag themselves on various products in the showroom pictures, and the person who tagged themselves first won that product. Soon thousands of people were engaging every day and IKEA’s photos were on countless profiles and in newsfeeds across the world.

Only twelve pictures were ever uploaded, and the profile took minutes to create. The only cost involved were the products given away. IKEA changed the game for what a business can do with a small budget and big dreams. Start with a drive to create Word Of Mouse and let your imagination run wild!

While IKEA was a trailblazer back in 2009, nowadays social media has become even more advanced and provides opportunities for small budgets to have viral success. Advancements to Facebook along with the introduction of Instagram, Snapchat and Vine open up even more possibilities for marketers to increase WOM and engagement.

Share an example of a brilliant social media marketing campaign!